How To Attain Long-Term Motivation For Practicing Yoga

We create resolutions and goals while keeping in mind intentions that are bound to help us grow. But sometimes our work, personal life, family, kids, etc. tend to take toll on our lives and it becomes hard for us to keep up with our goals. A lot of people take up yoga to balance their spiritual and physical lives. There are many steps one can take to attain a long-term motivation for practising yoga in order for us to sustain our healthy lifestyle.

Some of them are listed below:

Set Your Intentions
Exploring what you want to achieve in and through yoga can help you sustain and regularly continue your practice. Whether you want to develop more strength and flexibility, relax and restore yourself as to achieve a calmer state of mind and body or simply study the philosophy behind Yoga and spirituality, it is important to choose your intentions in order to reinforce them.

Start Small
Yoga practice doesn’t necessarily have to be for an hour or two every day. Incorporating even 15 minutes of practice in your daily routine does the trick when it comes to sustaining your yoga practice for a long term of time. Do not be hard on yourself if you miss a couple of days, weeks or months of practice- instead, get back up and start practising slowly again.

Practice with a Friend
Invite a friend to start practising yoga with you, or simply encourage each other to practice so that you can hold each other accountable for regular sessions. In this manner, your yoga practice becomes a fun time to spend with your friends that keeps you in the schedule.

Fixed Schedule
Scheduling a “Yoga Time” in your daily to-do list, calendar or even set an alarm for it can help you keep up your regularity. Reserving a specific time slot every day for your yoga practice helps you maintain your yoga practice. Making space for a yoga routine in your daily time table is bound to ensure your regularity.

Little Things to Motivate Yourself
It is important to treat yourself after you accomplish small goals. Practising regularly for a whole week or month, losing a few pounds or simply being able to retain an advance posture, it is important to acknowledge the small wins, as it keeps you motivated to excel more. Buying a new yoga outfit or equipment can also boost our motivation to keep practising for the long run.